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Beyonce’s nutritionist reveals the secret of her client’ Met Gala appearance

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

Beyoncé mesmerized the 2015 Met Gala red carpet in New York City earlier on Monday and she is still the talk of the town even after two days. Apart from her barely-there attire with strategically kept dazzled embroidery spreading over her private areas, the hum is about how sexy her body looked.

Along with her strict workout regimen, the US pop star credits her nutritionist Marco Borges’ work. He is the man behind the twenty two day vegan challenge. His recent book The 22-Day Revolution was unveiled earlier on 28th April.

The thirty three year old singer recently said that she recalls being on so many different diets, and Marco coming up with really creative ways to help her with her diet so she did not feel like she was depriving herself. (more…)

Beyonci asks her fans to back residents in Baltimore

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Beyonci has become a part of an increasing list of celebs talking out on the agitation in Baltimore as well as their impact on the community. Earlier on Thursday, the US singer mailed the powerful cover of issue of Time magazine this week to her Instagram page, asking her 31.1 million followers to back the NAACPs attempts to help those affected by this weeks events.

The caption said: “People are hurting.

Join us in supporting the NAACP to help in the cleanup efforts and to provide housing, food and supplies to those affected by the unrest in Baltimore.”
Protests started earlier this week in response to the death of twenty five year old Freddie Gray from a wound he sustained from an arrest. Rioting in few regions resulted in looting as well as damage to the community. (more…)

Nicole Scherzinger in distress seeing Hamilton with other women

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

Nicole Scherzinger, the US pop star, has been left in ‘tears’ after watching her former Lewis Hamilton hanging out with other women, reported a leading entertainment website. The former Pussycat star parted ways with her F1 ace partner just last month. But Nicole was sad to see him move quickly from their relationship.

Hamilton was spotted with a mystery blonde lady a week later in New York City, and has since the break up he has posed with model Naomi Campbell. In fact he was romantically linked with this supermodel back in the year 2007.

While speaking a leading magazine, an insider told that Nicole Scherzinger has been in pieces after the split. Lewis promised her that he would respect her and not go rushing into another relationship or even hang out with other girls. Therefore, she was more than devastated when she saw that he was partying in New York. She has cried a lot since then. (more…)

Beyoncé’s girl Blue Ivy spends playdate with Kelly Rowland’s son Titan

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Beyoncé Knowles and the former Destiny’s Child mate Kelly Rowland, who is also her best friend, are bringing their babies together. The two mothers as well as their families, including Kelly’s son Titan Jewell and Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy, were all seen hanging out at the Soho House last week in West California, where they maturated on the little ones.

Beyoncé, now 33, was the first to come with her 3-year-old daughter, reported US Weekly. She spent some quality time Blue Ivy, who was keeping herself amused by making bird noises, said an insider. Well, it was not really long before the mom and daughter joined for lunch by Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon as well as their 2-month-old son Titan. Well Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z was also there.   (more…)

Beyonce Launches NCLA Nail Wrap

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

The holiday season has come. It’s the perfect time to hold on to your prima donna through fashion and beauty.

You need to consider every aspect of your body including the stiletto-clad toes and the nails. Fortunately, Beyonce has launched a collection of 4 nail wraps in collaboration with NCLA. With these nail wraps folks can cover their nails for the holidays. As expected, the NCLA Nail Wrap Set comprises of various patterns, sparkles, and colors, which will certainly keep all the eyes on every gesture that you make at the after-hours events or parties and at work.

The collection has been created in conjunction with Lisa Logan, manicurist of Beyonce, and it provides 4 dashing, distinctive nail wraps. However, the most fascinating aspect of this nail wrap set is the artistry behind its design. The nail arts are all modeled after Beyonce’s music. The remarkable mosaic stained glass motif of “No Rest in the Kingdom” has been inspired by the dazzling broken glass bodysuit, which Beyonce wore at VMA 2014. The contemporary black and white colors of “I Come With A Side Of Trouble” have pieces of Beyonce’s lyrics displayed on the nail. Beyonce’s vividly-colored Blow video seems to have inspired the neon rainbow-colored stripes of “Je Na Sais Quoi”. Finally, “I Woke Up Like This” has a cheeky plaid pattern that has been inspired by the performer’s Flawless video.

Folks can easily access each of these striking sets on at only 18 dollars. Rather than blowing the holiday bonus on manicurists and designers people can concentrate on party-ready nails. Beyonce surely knows how to make dramatic entrances.