Lady Gaga – Just Dance ft. Colby O’Donis

Video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Just Dance ft. Colby O’Donis”

  1. Silver light Says:

    Its so friging depressing time fly 2009 gone like that wish i can stay
    there! :(

  2. P.J. Dailey Says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I saw this video. I thought ‘Wow!
    Christina Aguilera finally looks decent & learned how to sing better. Lady
    Gaga is just everything.

  3. Brandon Ryan Says:

    I still can’t believe she was 21 here

  4. Renato Rocha Says:

    Yeah girl, you have been changed too much! :/

  5. Ronald Benjamin Says:

    Thumbs up if your still listening to this in 2008

  6. Dannille Belle Says:

    this is the gaga i LOVE. wtf happened

  7. Rachel Rodrigues Says:

    I was in 2nd grade when this song came out !

  8. Martina Crispo Says:

    This is my favorite song right now, but 5 years ago i didnt like it ahah

  9. Andrei Ceausu Says:

    People listen to this song because of Donis

  10. Taylor-Kun Says:

    +Natsumi-chan NC BEST. LADY GAGA. SONG. EVER

  11. Awesome Star Wars Stop Motions and Other Random Videos Says:

    Lady gaga was hot when she started her career and then she got ugly. Anyone
    know why?

  12. Chance Blankenship Says:

    if lady gaga stayed like this. i would of added her to list of artist i
    respect. but she got all fucked after her 1st album. shock value artist,
    like a miley….oh well sluts are sluts

  13. HerNameIsNicole11 Says:

    you know whats funny, at the beginning where she says “Red One” I used to
    think she said “Red Wine” hahahaha

  14. TrippyManeInstrumentals Says:

    WAS This Lady Gaga’s FIRST SONG Cuz I remember when this came out first
    time I heard of her she was hella cool back in this and the poker face days
    she still pretty dope though this was my jam hahaha

  15. Emma Strachan Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the Beats headphones at 3:44? guess their
    product placement in music videos actually started 6 years before people
    even started noticing it and it because a mainstream thing 

  16. Jazmin Jimenez Says:

    like if you are watching this in 2015 *-*

  17. Juan David Almeida Ramirez Says:

    Cuando esta canción llegue a 200.000.000 de vistas recibirá un Digital
    Diamont por 10 millones de ventas solo en Usa, Gaga fue la primera mujer en
    recibirlo y este seria su 3 premio ya que Poker Face también tendrá uno
    pronto, esta a un par de millones de lograrlo. #GagaQueen 

  18. Yusuke Urameshi Says:

    Old times when gaga really looks hot and has a good songs.

  19. Randy Robertson Says:

    I love the Gaga but(to me) she is not a great looking woman .

  20. iago3717 Says:

    Ela mudou muito! Sua feição está mais acabada

  21. Chris k Says:

    I miss the old Gaga. what the hell happened to her!

  22. robin cardona Says:

    Cuando volveremos a ver a esta gaga, esta si es una diosa no como la mierda
    q es ahora …

  23. Pedro Pessoa Says:

    I feel so sad when i see good videos and i read “5 years ago” this is
    really distressful

  24. Patrick Kováč Says:

    Guys october 28 has lady gaga her birthday pls likes me comment and this
    day share her all video on vevo on facebook, twitter and etc this is gift
    for her big love. Please dont remember this day big support for Our

  25. Lana Del Slay Says:

    a toned down Miley Cyrus with a mixture of Kesha.