Beyonce’s nutritionist reveals the secret of her client’ Met Gala appearance

Beyoncé mesmerized the 2015 Met Gala red carpet in New York City earlier on Monday and she is still the talk of the town even after two days. Apart from her barely-there attire with strategically kept dazzled embroidery spreading over her private areas, the hum is about how sexy her body looked.

Along with her strict workout regimen, the US pop star credits her nutritionist Marco Borges’ work. He is the man behind the twenty two day vegan challenge. His recent book The 22-Day Revolution was unveiled earlier on 28th April.

The thirty three year old singer recently said that she recalls being on so many different diets, and Marco coming up with really creative ways to help her with her diet so she did not feel like she was depriving herself.

On Wednesday, Borges said that this is actually beyond humbling experience of his life. Getting praised by someone like Beyoncé is great and it really proves that his program works. He added that when anyone believes you in, believes in your dreams, believes in your mission, it is really flattering and the greatest act of kindness and support. When that friend happens to be an international superstar it leaves you speechless.

Riccardo Tisci made the skin-colored illusion that featured an open back as well as transparent train, revealing her “Bootylicious” curves. Beyoncé and Jay Z first took the twenty-two day vegan challenge in the year 2013 and since then it has changed their view on food consumption, it is something that they still share with friends, two years later.

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