Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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32 Responses to “Shakira – Whenever, Wherever”

  1. farahumerch Says:

    @universe112 okkkkk sooo thumbs upppp

  2. waleedmiami Says:

    Go to hell, Shakira of hate – the best singer in the universe – Is it objectionable?

  3. Notmineonline Says:

    @0×777 that’s disrespectful..

  4. Lyube123 Says:

    2:08 is a little hot XD

  5. loco4shakira Says:

    i love to dance this song<3

  6. 73ihcscout Says:

    So you like water, like horse’s, and enjoying playing in the mud..Hey Shakira i think we’re a match lol

  7. sebasebas11 Says:

    the best singer ever

  8. peachaleme Says:

    Ah she is so beautiful.

  9. VocaLenLove Says:

    @ProtectDavid Says something about yours, doesn’t it?

  10. 87Dinero87 Says:

    favorite video from shakira!

  11. TheHeat104 Says:

    chek out my vids n sub,thnx n god bless

  12. noalasdrogas1 Says:

    A Prayer of Salvation

    Father God, I love you. I come to You today asking You to forgive my sins. Jesus, I believe in You, I believe You died on the cross for me, and on the third day You rose from the dead. I receive You now, Jesus, and I give myself to you. Take me just the way I am, and make me what You want me to be.

    Thank You , Jesus for saving me


  13. jimgalaxy34 Says:

    I get a blast out of the video counts ..
    Pre-VEVO 2001-2009 .. 182,684.
    After VEVO 2009-present .. 60,904,490 and counting.
    … ‘Nuff said?

  14. jimgalaxy34 Says:

    I get a blast out of the video counts ..
    Pre-VEVO 2001-2009 .. 182,684.
    After VEVO 2009-present .. 60,904,490 and counting.
    … ‘Nuff said?

  15. 06rockeando Says:

    @TheShayla13 hahahaha

  16. Achrafonline Says:

    it’s most amazing song that have ever seen bofre.Shakira is the first latin singer ,who has a slithly rematinc voice, going head.I listen always to her lyrics and songs.

  17. giorgosrc Says:

    Classic song, will always listen to it. :)

  18. 0x777 Says:

    Why do I suddenly have that idea of Jesus hanging on the cross and his last words are, in the best Terminator voice, “I’ll be back”.

    Anyone with some skill at making a video should try his hand on it, I’d say it would be hilarious.

  19. paulspeke Says:

    don,t know how i ended up here. 2 vids ago i was watching jesus sing I Will Survive.

  20. oisinmcgettigan Says:

    @universe112 who isnt

  21. universe112 Says:

    @farahumerch i’m the type of guy that would take her out for dinner, go to her place, and just go crazy on her and hope she go crazy on me!!!

  22. babiikaixs Says:

    this song is so amazing .i mean there is like every music style know to man incorporated in this song. and the lyrics are bomb!!! its sooooooooo underrated

  23. iCourtnall Says:

    it rules haha.

  24. watchagainsoon Says:

    lolz at 2:22 <3 love it ^^

  25. TheShayla13 Says:

    this is my converstation with my friend he is a typical boy
    Friend: wht u doin
    Me:whatching shikira viedos
    Friend; i love her
    Me: i love her too
    Friend: whats ur fav viedo
    ME; gypy or whenever whereever wbu
    friend: thats cool but i like any viedo when shes shaking her hips alot
    Me; lol typical boy

  26. Metallica Music Says:

    <3 Metallica

  27. Tina Barrett Says:

    Wish I was in the S Club

  28. Gaga Says:

    I think Lady G would do this better!

  29. Britney Says:

    The best Britney Spears site

  30. Craig Elliott Says:

    Anyone know if Craig Elliotts version of this has been released yet?

  31. Sustenance Music Says:

    Its all about the music festival

  32. Kanye West Says:

    Kanye West is my favourite musician