Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

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32 Responses to “Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”

  1. mamican96 Says:


  2. gleenrheyven Says:

    omg!!! i love you BEYONCE!! you are a very very good performer!! youre my idol!!!

  3. mehdi9392 Says:

    2759 peoples are gay

  4. Douchkovinator Says:

    Fuck the song, i’m listening to Slayer over this. This video clip works with so many songs! Try it.

  5. christxstar Says:


  6. KoopaGerald Says:

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  7. markosp Says:

    I just love the insync dancing and the song is so catchy this is the first time i’ve seen it

  8. sagar6020 Says:

    if you like beyonce then type ”empire clyde” on youtube and watch the video you wil surely love it…

  9. en4394 Says:

    gorillas dont deserve beyonce

  10. BorealNeal Says:

    this song turns me on but other than that its a dumb song

  11. 9866870 Says:

    mmmmmmm yomi yomi >.<

  12. GallicWarsMixtapes Says:

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  13. 1998soccerchic Says:

    i remeber all the girls at the dance would go infront of everyone and the guys were pissed!

  14. Blofish3672 Says:

    now there is some talent

  15. angelface123ish Says:

    i love beyonce
    she is amazing

  16. angelface123ish Says:

    you shouldn’t compare beyonce to taylor swift
    they are not on the same level

  17. 246947 Says:

    now that there is a woman

  18. underdo123 Says:

    yal go n get beyonce new single on itunes now!!

  19. YoshiLover17 Says:

    How the hell could you hate beyonce?! hating beyonce would be like hating a newly born kitten and puppy snuggling together!!!! god people these days

  20. andreia9109 Says:


  21. JohnAntonyFortune Says:

    LMAO Audience this video is most popular with

    Female 13-17
    Female 35-44
    Male 35-44

    lol all the people that didnt get the ring)))

  22. conyerszj1234 Says:


  23. TheLA2109 Says:

    “hands up” if ur a single lady and proud!

  24. RelishTheInsanity Says:

    This video is most popular with:
    Gender Age
    Female 13-17
    Female 35-44
    Male 35-44

  25. RandomLoverGuy Says:

    @Ashlee4EVERsimpson YOU SUCK

  26. Roxx Records Says:

    This Roxx

  27. Gutterpups Band Says:

    Thanks for this

  28. Popular Music Says:

    She has a great pair of… lungs :)

  29. Music Idol Bulgaria Says:

    Anyone see last night’s Music dol?

  30. Best House Music Says:

    I love House Music

  31. ZoserMusic Says:

    Its all about the money money money

  32. stage for hire Says:

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